10 ways to bring more Zen into your life.

  1. Let go. Declutter and clean away that which no longer serves you, both in physical terms of having a clear-out at home and an emotional and mental clear out. Clear away those negative emotions and thoughts which hold you back.  Let go of the past, it has been and gone. Simplify your daily activities and let go of those you do not need.
  2. Create a Sacred Space and create a routine for tending to and caring for that space. Make it a part of your home and your life. Fill the space with that which inspires you, guides you and uplifts you.
  3. Breathe. Be aware of your breathing, even if only for a few minutes each day. Be thankful for the air that you breathe. Feel the good energies coming in as you breathe in and the bad energies, the stress and any negative emotions, leaving you as you breathe out. Learn some breathing exercises to help you focus and shift your energies.
  4. Slow down. Do just one thing at a time and give it your full attention. Finish what you start. Take the time to focus on what you are doing or thinking.
  5. Learn. Treat everything that happens to you – be it good or bad – as a chance to learn, to understand, and to broaden your mind.
  6. Connect with Nature and appreciate the sacredness of life. All life is sacred and all life is precious. All life is also interconnected, find your place in this great interconnected web of existence. Try to get out into Nature every single day to become part of it and to make it part of you. Bring nature into your home in the form of plants and imagery. Treat Nature and life with respect. Try to minimize your effect on Nature and the lives of others by re-using, recycling, etc as much as possible.
  7. Practice mindful meditation. This both relaxes and stimulates your mind. Meditation helps give you control over your mind and what your mind manifests into your life. Make your meditation simple and incorporate it into your everyday life.
  8. Sleep well and take good care of your body. A good night’s sleep is vital for our wellbeing and energy levels. Learn to rest, relax and appreciate sleep. Take the time to learn what does and doesn’t help you sleep at night. Remember, your body is your temple, so pay attention to what you fill it with and what you do with it.
  9. Re-evaluate your dreams and goals. Is your life heading where you want it to? Why do you want those things from life? Are your everyday actions getting you closer to or further from your dreams? Evaluate what you need to do achieve your dreams. Set realistic goals to help you achieve your dreams, one step at a time.
  10. Live and love fully and joyfully. Accept your life as a precious gift and make the most of every moment of it. Open your heart to love and love will open its heart to you. Show your loved ones that you are there for them. Practice compassion and kindness to yourself and to others. Smile more – you could make someone’s day. Spread the joy and love for life that you have with others.  

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