Mirrors in Feng Shui – The Do’s and Don’ts

Feng Shui Mirror “Do’s”

  1. Do use mirrors to reflect inspiring and beautiful views of nature from the outdoors into your home. This brings in healthy Chi from Nature.
  2. Do use whole mirrors in which you can your your entire self, from your feet to the top of your head and a bit more. This gives you a sense of completeness and wholeness whenever you see yourself. 
  3. Do place mirrors where they will add Chi, light and movement to your space. Large mirrors can draw light and energy into dark spaces.
  4. Do clean mirrors regularly and well to ensure that they keep the Chi flowing.
  5. Do place a mirror against the wall(s) that defines a missing section of your home to symbolically fill in the missing area.
  6. Do have frames around mirrors.
  7. Do ensure you are hanging mirrors to reflect light and Chi into dark areas.
  8. Do use Ba Gua Mirrors outdoors to deflect bad Chi away from you and your property.

Feng Shui Mirror “Don’ts”

  1. Don’t place a mirror so it reflects your front door or any window of your home as you stand in front of it. This would only result in the Chi being bounced right back out the door or window!
  2. Don’t hang small mirrors or tiled mirrors as these symbolically dissect you and your energies over time.
  3. Don’t use mirrors that reflect a distorted image, or that are darkened or cracked with age. These defects interrupt the flow of Chi.
  4. Don’t hang a mirror too high or too low. It needs to be a height where you can either see your whole self or at least your head and shoulders, and the head and shoulders of anyone else you live with. This is especially important if you are two very different heights.
  5. Don’t have mirrors opposite other mirrors as all that will do is bounce the Chi back and forth in a crazed manner.
  6. Don’t have mirrors in your bedroom.  It will inhibit your ability to get a good night’s sleep.
  7. Don’t place mirrors in areas that reflect dark, gloomy areas into lighter ones. This will only reflect the bad Chi.
  8. Don’t use Ba Gua mirrors indoors.

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